Secret Post Office

Secret Post Office
When the Peter Stuyvesant Post Office on 14th Street closed they replaced it with this nondescript location on 333 E. 14th St. There is no flag and no name or just about any indication that it is even there at all.

East Village Street Art

Sorry, I’ve been neglecting this blog lately as I’ve been working hard to finalize my Tompkins Trees Map. Heres some recent street art I’ve found in my East Village neighborhood.
Skull on Avenue A. Death imagery always draws your attention.

Someone’s sketch taped up on a light pole.

Patchwork Wolf
The trash containers for the eternal mess here are nicely decorated, making it marginally less painful to view.

Fumeroism Avalon
I’ve been seeing versions of this face pasted up for years.

Bobby Gone Postal
Bobby Hill stencil on a postal sticker on Avenue B.