Fist of Kindness

Fist of Kindness
Fist of Kindness playing on East First Street in the East Village.

Live from Death Row

Cassandra V Chopourian

Gary Heidt

Street Fair
Centrefuge Project murals in the background.

Fist of Kindness

Casandra and Orin
Cassandra and Orin Buck

Dub FX and Flower Fairy in TSP

I really enjoyed this concert by Dub FX and Flower Fairy, street and concert performers from Australia. They generate beats on the fly, check the segment of the video where he sets up the beat for Gingerbread Man. They set up underneath the Krishna Tree in Tompkins Square Park.


Getting Some Sun
Squirrel chillaxing in the sun on the gnarled old Black Locust tree, south side of Tompkins Square Park.

Sunning 1