Quake NYC

Quake NYC
I felt my apartment swaying back and forth slightly, just subtly enough to make me wonder if it was coming from the construction eternally happening on Houston Street. But there was no noise. And confusing me was the lack of reaction from people on the street. The shaking lasted about 10-15 seconds but it never felt I was in danger, so I went to my roof to see what I could see. By the time I got there the people, in the building under construction to become a Union Market on Houston Street and Avenue A, had wisely evacuated.

Cell phone service here was clogged for a half hour. Nuclear plants, near epicenter were automatically shut down, something to keep an eye on.

Update: the power company officials say no release to environment, no damage to plant or dam and back-up diesel is running.

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  1. Payaso says:

    08/23/2011 at 5:31 pm

    Out here visiting the West Coast, I thought we had to worry about earthquakes HERE, not on the East Coast!

  2. Payaso says:

    08/26/2011 at 2:29 am

    Well to be quite honest, out here on the West coast we pretty much take anything under about a 6.0 or so in stride. The ground just shakes every now and then, and people pretty much deal with it. That being said, 18 seconds is a long time for the ground to be shaking, on any coast and in any place. Also, the building codes out here (including bridges, freeway overpasses, etc.) are required to withstand probably at least a 6.5 or more. I shudder to think what would happen if a major earthquake hit all that un-reinforced masonry out there (may that never happen!).
    I remember once, many years ago, lying in my bed in San Diego, and my bed was basically oriented on a north-south axis. An earthquake occurred east of San Diego, and traveled westward (and probably in every direction) as a wave. I clearly remember lying in bed, feeling a wave that was traveling from east to west rolling under me. It truly felt like a wave … a wave of EARTH.
    Mostly, if it doesn’t involve damage beyond a few things falling off the shelf, people out here take a little shaking now and then in stride.

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