Cooler is Chill

Cooler is too Cute
This raccoon visited our camp every night. She (we decided she looked feminine) seemed almost tame. She boldly walked among us in the dark, showing no fear, only revealing herself by the soft patter of her feet a foot behind us, or her nose gently nuzzling the trash. I suspect other campers gave into her charms and fed her. We named her Cooler.

Cooler Bite
She wasn’t able to get into the cans.

Cooler is Chill
These defenses kept this raccoon out of the the food, but obviously the bag is at bear dining height and the rocks on the cooler would also be no challenge.

Cooler Leaves
Yelling at her or shining our flashlights in her direction had little effect. But flash photography seemed to annoy her enough to make her go away until I went to sleep.

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  1. payaso says:

    07/27/2011 at 1:36 am

    Cooler is chill. She seems friendly enough to keep at home as a pet (just don’t let your pet raccoon have any beer, we’ve heard). I thought about getting her/him a little raccoon chair and offering it a plate of food at dinner. They say that’ll only make them come around more, but it’s not like she could’ve been around any less, and that was without feeding her.

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